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Two ideas for financing treatment

The expense of dental treatment does not always suit us, in which case it is worth considering other options for raising money for this purpose. Here are two interesting financial tools:

mediraty a simple, installment system, after receiving a quote for the cost of treatment you inform the registry of your intention to seek financing, the operator's consultant calls you, you set the terms and make a decision. The amount of the credit line can cover the total cost of treatment or a range you specify.

paydent - płatność It is a quick, simple way to make a deferred payment of up to 30 days without additional costs or a simplified way to spread the cost of a medical, hygienization procedure into 4, 8 or 12 instalments. This system is dedicated especially to dentistry. The procedure is trivial, ask for details in the registration or read here.

We wish you satisfaction with the results of your treatment and a wonderful smile.

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We are always pleased when you visit our website,

we want to provide you with up-to-date information, share our knowledge and ideas, sometimes we organize attractive events (professional hygienization for children, teenagers and adults, cosmetic dentistry treatments). We hope that you will enjoy the website, both in terms of its content and the technical solutions used to speed up and optimise the load on your computer equipment.

After a successful visit, please always give us a good review on Google and " 5 stars".

This will help us to improve the quality of our service and make our website more visible on the Internet. We will be very grateful for this.

We are glad that you are with us and we send you our best regards

Help Center Team

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A few words about safety measures,for the sake of our collective health in our we have introduced and we follow solutions to ensure maximum safety, here are some rules:

(1) it is compulsory to cover the nose and mouth in public areas and to disinfect hands in the clinic area,

(2) employees wear masks and personal protective equipment,

(3) visits take place by appointment only

(4) we additionally disinfect surfaces after each treatment

(5) all objects in contact with our little patients are disinfected on an ongoing basis in the children's clinic,

(6) it is possible to pay for paid treatments with credit cards,

We wish everyone good health and take care of themselves.

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NZOZ Centrum Stomatologii
Founding entity:
HELP Center Sp. z o.o. Poland

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Clinic in Siemianowice Śląskie

reception:  +48322294027 +48322208557

description, address, map, working hours: select a tab [SIEMIANOWICE]

Clinic in Katowice

reception:  +48322598220

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Clinic in Mysłowice

reception:  +48322235658

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Dentistry clinic HELP Center, dental clinic team

Good dentist Siemianowice Śląskie, Katowice, Mysłowice

In the dental surgeries of our clinic the Patient always comes first. We are a medical entity with 100% Polish capital. We have been operating on the Silesian dental market for over twenty five years. We treat our work as a mission, meaning and realization of the importance of our company brand.

We accept both the elderly and the youngest patients, often our patients are the next generation entering adulthood and their children.

In our clinic we deal not only with caries treatment, in fact we perform all dental procedures, from professionally performed hygienization often combined, at the patient's request, with instruction in daily oral hygiene, selection of technology, preparations and pastes, to surgical aesthetic hygienization, The clinic offers a wide range of services ranging from conservative treatment, endodontics (root canal treatment), bite correction, prosthetic restorations and outpatient dental surgery.

HELP Dental Center is a complex of dental clinics, with all general dental clinics and specialist paediatric clinic in Siemianowice Śląskie

Enjoy a healthy, beautiful smile

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